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We are the leading finest quality ACID DYES MANUFACTURER, supplier, and exporter of a wide range of Dyes, Acid Dyes, Intermediates, and Chemicals from India. Matrix Pharma Chem. is a prominent manufacturer of acid dyes based in Gujarat, India. Our company has an actively exclusive collection of Acid Dyes like as acid black, acid red, and acid yellow

We are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of acid dyes in India. Acid dyes are anionic dyes that are water soluble and are applied to fibers such as silk, wool, nylon, and modified acrylic fibers from neutral to acid dye baths. The salt formation between anionic groups in the dyes and cationic groups in the fiber is thought to play a role in attachment to the fiber. Acid dyes that dissolve in water have no effect on cellulosic fibers. Acid dyes are used to color protein/animal fibers such as wool, silk, mohair, angora, alpaca, and some nylons and synthetics, both commercially and by studio dyers. To set the color, acid dyes require the use of an acid such as vinegar, acetic, or sulfuric acid.


  • High-quality components were used.
  •  Excellent performance efficiency
  • Useful and efficient

Acid Dyes India

As one of the leading manufacturers of Violet Acid Dye, we use high-quality components sourced from reputable vendors. We have the product tested in several quality tests to ensure that we provide the highest levels of satisfaction to our customers. Its low cost and efficiency make it a desirable product in the market. We guarantee that our items will be delivered quickly and securely to the buyer’s address. We are the best Violet Acid Dyes Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and India. We also sell these dyes in Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, and UAE. We also export and manufacture acid mordant dyes, blue acid dyes, direct acid dyes, orange acid dyes, and other related products.

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