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Acid Dyes of diverse color range have wide dyeing applications in the industries. Textile Industries prefer them for dyeing fabrics. Textile acid dyes are specially used for the fabrics like wool, lycra, silk and nylon etc. They are also used to dye feathers. They are ideal for dyeing leather and are applied in the leather industries. Food grade acid dyes are used in the restaurants & hotels, bakery, confectioneries and all types of food and beverage industries.

They are also applied in the diverse testing labs.Our extensive assortment of acid dyes which incorporates Allura Red Food Color,Quinoline Yellow Food Colors,Erythrosine Food Colors, Amaranth Food Color, Ponceau 4R Food Colors Food Color, Blended Food Colors, Sunset Yellow Food Colors and Tartrazine Food Coloretc are immensely applied in the industries of India and global countries.

Allura Red Food Colors Manufacturer in India
Amaranth Food Colors Manufacturer and Supplier In India
Blended food colors Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter India
Tartrazine Food Colour Supplier in India
Erythrosine food color Manufacturer & Supplier
Acid dyes Manufacturer in India, Solvent Dyes Manufacturers
Quinoline Yellow Food Colour Supplier in India
Sunset Yellow Food Colour Manufacturer, Indigo Carmine Buy
Sr No. Different Types of colour Types of Industries of use colour
1 Red Amarnath Food Industry
2 Acid Black Dyes Textile industry
3 Acid Brown Dyes Chemical industry
4 Acid Green Dyes Personal Care Products (Shampoo,hair gels, bath soaps)
5 Allura Red Food industry
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